Find the most popular questions asked by your target buyer

Identify consumer needs and concerns throughout the buyer's journey

Who's it For?

Content Marketers

Content Creators

Ensure you're creating content that answers your customers questions. Thousands of content and keyword ideas at your fingertips.



Convert more customers with a brand message that resonates. Use data to focus on what matters.

Market Researchers

Market Researchers

Quickly learn what millions of people like or dislike by analyzing genuine questions.

Product Innovators

Product Innovators

Build something people want. Identify existing needs and new product opportunities.

How it Works

BloomBerry gathers questions being asked across the web on forums, e-commerce sites, Quora, reddit and lots more.

Using natural language processing techniques, questions are intelligently grouped by topic.

This allows you to quickly see which keywords and topics are being used the most.

Big Data Web Crawling